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How to deal with the corn drying tower

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Corn drying tower 1, can increase the use of frequency converter in the power supply equipment, power consumption using frequency converter can save 30%. Besides, the noise of the converter will fall a lot, and the service life will be prolonged.

2, transformation of the feed tube angle in as long as does not affect the feed in as far as possible the material cylinder increase above will end not with the dryer retaining coil contact appropriate ribution but extends into the barrel body can not be too long in controlling the falling material from retaining material circle within 200 mm. To prevent the front end without material high temperature burn block material ring and cylinder feeding chute improve after is conducive to the flow of high temperature gas and prevent the burning of the slide tube material naturally falls to form a material screen and the high temperature gas direct contact heat exchange rate increased.

3, into the material end of the spiral conveying vane ribution removed change for triangular stiffened plate available 6mm thick steel plate production in short rectangular edge height and feed end ring with highly ribution and welded in long right angle edge length is 800mm ribution and drying tube welded in 50mm interval welding circle will naturally formed a tapered feed device.

Principle: hot air drying box with rotary heating device, can produce a lot of hot air in a short period of time, it can through high heat treatment to kill the eggs, completely solve the discoloration phenomenon occurs in the drying process, drying box with metal aluminum siding, silica gel cotton insulation, corrugated color steel plate or aluminum alloy outer panel. The box body adopts digital control and detection, which can make the air circulation and humidification, and the heating can be effectively controlled.

1, the use of a unique style of the cold trap, the structure is simple and practical.

2, the cold trap temperature is not higher than 40 DEG (optional than or equal to 60 DEG C, C = 88).

Why our country's grain drying mechanization level is low? The main reason is that the relevant departments of the food drying technology awareness, lack of food drying technology, leading to food drying machinery has not been popularized and applied. So far, there are still many difficulties and obstacles in the promotion of grain drying technology. First, the total amount of grain drying machine has not been able to meet the country's grain output, the total amount is not enough, but also not able to form the core of China's own brand with the leading technology. Second is the grain drying machine management main body quantity, the type is unitary, the food drying lacks the government department's organization and the support. Third is China's grain drying machine drying technology has not reached the United States, Japan, the developed countries of the technical level, drying technology is relatively backward, high energy consumption, low efficiency, resulting in a waste of energy. The fourth point is that China's grain variety, and the type of dryer is relatively simple. The fifth point is the lack of a small part of the crop drying technology and equipment. Corn drying tower

Corn drying tower

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