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Grain drying machine in the use of the details of the problem of food drying equipment

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The maintenance and maintenance of 1 grain drying tower in the grain drying equipment

Grain dryer burner should be cleaned on a regular basis, check and promote transportation triangle belt drive belt tightness or no deviation, depending on the circumstances appropriate adjustments. After a season of operation, with machine residue in grain and weed clean: exhaust hose and hose down remove trash. Exposed wire or removed, or placed inside the machine, to prevent rat bite damage wire. Then, the grain drying tower of all the channel mouth closed; if not for a long time, to relax the conveyor belt and belt.

2 key points for the safe operation of grain drying tower

The grain dryer operation process, the site must have skilled operating personnel, there should be no Xianzarenyuan around. Operations do not hand touch burner, into the valley do not handle extends into the hopper: troubleshooting, until the machine stops working. Operation site is prohibited fireworks, and equipped with fire equipment.

3 grasp the degree of drying

Different grain storage requirements of different drying. General rice can be mastered in indica rice dehydration to 13.5%, late japonica rice dehydration to 14.5%. Grain drying tower with automatic measurement of water content device, when the initial use, should check the reading is correct, if necessary, when the. Test of water, different food, food should be transferred to the corresponding position knob, so that reading is not to mistake. In the determination of artificial moisture content, we should ask for the rest of the 3 ~ 5 times. All the time to reach the drying requirements can be stopped. Note the drying period, with grain weight, water content decreased, not full of grain will be discharged from the discharging fan. It is late to check the trash, once found more grain should be blown out, when the small miscellaneous fan damper.

Cross flow drying equipment is our country the first introduction of a model, is a cylindrical sieve type or tower type sieve type structure, at present domestic still many manufacturers. The machine has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, convenient installation, low cost and high productivity. Disadvantages are: grain drying uniformity is poor, the higher unit heat consumption and a dryer a variety of grains is limited, after baking food quality is difficult to meet the requirements, both inside and outside the sieve need frequent cleaning and other. But the small circulation type drying equipment can avoid some of the problems mentioned above.

The difference between the heat pump drying and the traditional hot air drying is that the air circulation is different, and the air humidity of the drying chamber is also different. Heat pump drying time and space in the drying chamber and heat pump dryer closed cycle, it uses heat pump dryer refrigeration system to cool off from the drying chamber of the wet air, when the wet air flows through the heat pump evaporator, the internal heat of the low pressure refrigerant to absorb the heat from the liquid into a gas, air cooling and discharge of most of the condensed water. From the evaporator refrigeration compressor by low-pressure steam condenser to boost evacuation. When to take off the wet cold air flows through the condenser, the high-pressure refrigerant due to condensation and heat release, outside air is heated into hot air back to the drying chamber to dry wood. From the condenser out of the high pressure refrigerant flow into the evaporator after the expansion valve to continue the next cycle; food drying equipment

Grain drying equipment

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