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Heating characteristics of maize drying tower

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Corn dryer (1) high efficiency directional radiation in infrared electromagnetic wave radiation in the form of objects directional heating, electromagnetic waves which are generated by a heat source the intermediate absorber and a reflector of repeated absorption, reflection, stimulate formation of thermal photon beam generating thermal energy in heating object elements within the high speed vibration, rotating (transition), has reached objects and multi-level synchronous heating, effective use of energy. (2) best matching speed up the heating by the doping of rare elements absorber materials and surface radiation material, make the radiation window and absorption peak wavelength of the "window" to achieve the best matching, fully absorb the maximum radiation energy to the best heating effect. (3) the overall unit control, temperature accuracy in an infrared electromagnetic wave heating equipment to implement the unit multi point control technology, can from the control of the radiation flux of each unit, to achieve control of the heating of the object to the point of the absorption of radiation flux, according to the control system set value, to achieve accurate temperature control requirements, to solve the problem caused by environmental conditions. (4) the thermal inertia is small, heating quickly the product of the absorber, for its unique formula, strongly absorbed, high heating rate, heating, cooling speed further accelerate, instantaneous and strong, can effectively save the energy. (5) of corn drying machine equipment using life is greatly improved due to the machining process of pyrogen material, after the adoption of international and domestic most advanced technical means to deal with the material, there is no longitudinal short connection, and the connection end arc oxidation, service life more than any domestic electric heating products. (6) repeated use, replacement and the maintenance are convenient and products main components function attenuation weak, to facilitate the replacement of the heat source and the drying machine has the advantages of low price, in the whole device, only need to be replaced periodically heat source and cleaning reflector, the service life of the product can reach 8-10 years long.

Pure counterflow drying machine production and use of rarely, most of it with other air flow drying machine with the use of, that is used to downstream or mixed flow drying machine cooling section, form CIS countercurrent flow and mixed flow dryer. The advantage of counter current cooling is that the natural cooling air can be fully exposed to the grain, which can increase the cooling rate and reduce the height of cooling section. CIS countercurrent, mixed countercurrent Heshun mixed flow dryer is performed by using the respective advantages, to achieve fast drying at high temperature, improve drying capacity, without increasing the unit heat consumption to ensure grain quality and moisture content evenly.

An environmentally friendly food drying tower, comprising a plurality of drying units, is characterized in that the tower body comprises an inner cavity and an outer cavity, which is provided with a plurality of rows of the inner cavity and an outer cavity, which is arranged on the side wall of the external cavity, and the bottom of the external cavity is provided with a funnel.

Corn drying tower

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