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Grain drying equipment

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Grain drying equipment

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Grain dryer is arranged in the dry and a variety of food of a drying cabin body, a drying cabin body are arranged side by side, each drying chamber around the body with mesh ventilation board, dryer body in a drying cabin body shared a heat recovery chamber and a ventilation, heat recovery chamber arranged in parallel in the ventilation duct above, ventilation Road bottom surface are opened and directly communicated with the drying chamber body; heat recovery chamber through the flue gas tract connected with a fume draught fan and a hot blast stove, ventilation tract after cooler. Mainly by the spiral material mechanism, a winnowing machine and metering screw feed mechanism and a material heat exchanger, automatic combustion engine, heat exchange generator, hot air blower, chain wheel transmission mechanism, regulation of rotating speed display, cooling air blower, intelligent control cabinet, computer programming, walking chassis and leveling mechanism and so on.

Grain after cleaning, by the hoist sent to dryer grain storage section, by feeding device, automatic control of grain, grain in the dryer running direction and hot air (air) flow direction into cross flow, realize preheating, drying, reversing, drying, cooling the entire process. Finally, the discharging section of the belt conveyor discharge.

(1) the machine is carried out in the form of forced convection, conduction, and radiation as a supplementary form of material heat exchange.

(2) the material to be thrown in the state of motion, and dispersion, suspension, forward, and heat exchange in the set time.

(3) in the process of material drying, according to the requirements of different materials, artificial control of the heat exchange time, realize and so on, a process to achieve the requirements of drying (special materials can be taken 2 or 3 times dry).

(4) 2 clean hot air displacement, heat exchange for the material. After the material out of the machine, the 6 levels of natural air cooling treatment, the material is higher than the ambient temperature 3 - 8.

(5) the material in the drying process, the floating negative pressure air, after screening, cleaning.

Grain drying equipment

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